Phones & GPS Rentals

Phones, Net sticks and GPS Rentals

Cell phone rentals

Plan It rite has partnered with Talk'n'Save to make sure all your communications and internet needs are taken care of during your stay in Israel.

Talk'n'Save will provide you with:

  • Phone Rentals
  • SIM Card Rentals
  • Call Packages
  • Data Packages (for Blackberry and iPhone)
  • Virtual US Numbers
  • Data Cards for laptops

Founded in 1999, Talk'n'Save was the first telecommunications company in Israel to focus primarily on tourists and visitors. They are strategic partners with Cellcom, Israel's largest mobile phone provider, and that allows them to offer advanced services, competitive rates and robust, flexible call packages - making mobile communication services the easiest part of your trip to arrange.

GPS Rentals

GPS machines for use in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel are available at our office for a minimal fee of $5.00 per day. (If it needs to be shipped there is additional shipping and handling fee of $12 in the united state). Please email or call us for availability.

For Cell phones to other Countries, please email or call us for rates.

We all are aware of the the stress and planning that is involved in a successful trip to Israel. The last thing you want to have to worry about is telecommunications. However, with technology being an important part of our lives, reliable communication and Internet service are a key component of any overseas trip.

Special price for Plan It Rite customers Pay only $5.00 a day for unlimited talk to Israel, USA and Canada. Available for Free pick up in Jerusalem, Brooklyn or Monsey New York (or delivered for a fee anywhere).