Kivrei Tzadikim

Visiting gravesites overseas:

Are you planning an overseas trip to visit the gravesites of ancestors or Kivrei tzadikim? Do you know the exact location of the cemeteries and when they are open to visitors? Do you have a need for reliable, knowledgeable drivers? What about comfortable and pleasant accommodations? Do you want to stay in a hotel, a motel or a guest house? Where do you obtain kosher food? What about minyanim and mikvahs for weekday or Shabbos prayers?

Are you planning on taking advantage of the local public transportation system? Are you familiar with routes and schedules? Or perhaps you prefer renting a car and venturing out on your own? In that case, you would need to be aware of the rental terms and conditions. And last but not least, how about some tips about the mindset and customs of the local population?

Why not make a prolonged stopover in Frankfurt, Warsaw or any other city to learn more about local Jewish History and/or to visit local gravesites of Gedolim?

Whether you are traveling alone or together with family and/or friends, Plan it Rite can be counted on to provide you with all the practical travel tips we've acquired over the years. We will help you plan your itinerary, reserve your rental car, and arrange for comfortable lodgings and tasty kosher meals.

Plan it Rite will ensure that your trip turns out just right!